Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis is a multimedia group exhibition in which national and international artists explore the transformation of the human body and psyche under various apocalyptic conditions, tracing the emergence of progression or degeneration in the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. The show also examines the development and aftermath of human-related cataclysmic events at various levels from interpersonal to global, using forms of hybridity to break the boundaries between the real and imagined, the physical and metaphysical, the known and unknown. The title Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis derives from the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses, meaning the place of pleasure and the place of fear, referring to this sharp contrast in human beings, humanity, and the world. Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis provides an opportunity for artists and audiences to investigate the decisions and actions that led us to our current reality, the repercussions of those decisions and actions in a time of crisis, and the labyrinthine complexity of the relationship between the individual, humanity, and the environment. 


Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis urges for deep contemplation about: What happens in the time of awaiting the advent of this final destination of humanity? When it comes to our fatal reality, how can we move forward? What does it mean to see life as a series of violent and radical transformations? Whether considering an apocalypse as the world without human beings, the fall of civilization, life after the deluge, personal tragedy, religious prophecy, or natural disaster, the artists and their works in this show which in turn prompt us to grow in the place of the perilous, ruminating on the radical transformations humans have wrought, speculating as to what it means to be human and how we might continue as a species. 

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak spreading throughout the world, we are living in a time of uncertainty and anxiety. We've created this online exhibition to support our artists and audiences, documenting the transition of this project under this overwhelming and unprecedented moment. 


The physical exhibition of Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis will be open to the public from June 4-27th, 2020 at Maryland Art Place (MAP), please contact us and make appointments for the gallery tours. 

Maryland Art Place (MAP)

218 W Saratoga Street,

Baltimore, MD, 21201 


Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis is curated by Ashley(Qing) He, and made possible through the support of MFA Curatorial Practice at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)