Early Spring Blues

"I was walking in the Bronx Botanical Garden in NYC in very cold winter. There were no flowers and green trees, but I noticed the small blue flowers. I think the flower's name was called Muscari, Chionodoxa, and Scilla. I found it interesting that those flowers are fighting with cold weather to bloom their beauty earlier than other flowers and I thought the symbol of patience, beauty, and power, so I decided to create the mask Early Spring Blues."

Artist: Seungkyung Oh


Mixed media


 "I use nature in my work to escape the dystopian aspects of society to transcend the darkness to visually express a utopian view created by me as a means of escape. Utopia attempts to provide a solution to many human problems. Utopian reveals the wish for a better world that has no suffering. Utopia has a direct relationship with the healing process."